more computers

I spoke too soon. All my usb ports suddenly stopped working, no printers, no internet, no nothin! uninstalled, reinstalled, still nothin, eventually hardwired into the router and bingo, all worked perfectly. that was not the end of it. the broadband connection went down on sunday night and at a clients on Monday morning, the computer I was using wouldnt connect to the internet. Then in Bedford the computer wouldnt log me in, and if I logged in as admin it wouldnt let me change the password, but the user name and password worked perfectly on one of the other networked computers.

I will not say "all fixed now" just in case....



You know what Dad would say! Or more likely write. He would probably have written a poem about the little people who live amongst the wires and dust lurking inside all electronics. You must have upset them when you had the hard disk changed! Get a new laptop. You deserve one.