Miller Family Archive

Calling this an archive makes it sound mysterious, as if there might be treasure here.

Well there is and over time I hope there will be a lot of it. While this site is meant for storing family memorabilia, and anything else that seems appropriate, visitors are welcome and free to look around. We will make items private if we don't want them seen.

If you would like to comment or suggest items for inclusion, or if you are a member of our extended family, please create a user account.

Round Robin November

Hi Everyone

Our holiday in Cyprus was very enjoyable the hotel couldnt have been better plus we had great weather warm sunshine Clear blue seas and amazing sunsets.We did a little history which was intresting some swiming plus used the spa etc and did a lot of relaxation.I really enjoyed the food and we used the local buses to visit Pafos where we went to a castle and went on a boat trip visiting a ship wreck Also we visited the tombs of the kings (whats left of then).

more computers

I spoke too soon. All my usb ports suddenly stopped working, no printers, no internet, no nothin! uninstalled, reinstalled, still nothin, eventually hardwired into the router and bingo, all worked perfectly. that was not the end of it. the broadband connection went down on sunday night and at a clients on Monday morning, the computer I was using wouldnt connect to the internet. Then in Bedford the computer wouldnt log me in, and if I logged in as admin it wouldnt let me change the password, but the user name and password worked perfectly on one of the other networked computers.


I always said about mobile phones that teenagers are glued to them and dont know what to do with themselves when they havnt got them. Now the same can be saif about me and my computer!

My poor computer needed to undergo major surgery, it needed an organ transplant, while this was going on I had itchy fingers to get back on my keyboard, Ro's just doesn't have the same feel.

Its all up and running again now, only time will tell what programs and data i havnt restored or resinstalled.

now back to work to catch up on the lost time.


Nearly time to go outside! keep getting distracted. Keep a look out for my recent e-mails. need to use these points before the end of the year!


So, What counts as memorabilia, (is there a spell checker on here? essential for the Millers).

I was looking for something else and came accross some "memorabilia" now, do I put it in me archive, or the memroabilia? Think I'll put it in the memorabilia for now.

Hi Clive, can we get e-mail alerts when someone makes a new post?

Ssome Millers laws? how about his ope. "....what is more, you'll be a man, my son. (or daughter).

Well the sun is shining and I fancy a walk so thats enough of that.

Send me Pictures

If you have good pictures depicting several family members that might be adjusted to fit the banner dimensions, please send them on over. In another aeon, I'll try to set up a rotating banner so that more of us can be seen!

Online Progress

Finally . . . It took a while. Now others in the family can begin building their archives. The idea is to capture what we do, have done, have written. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just wants (as if digital treasure has its own life!) to be authentic.

Get posting people, and encourage your son's daughters, cousins, uncles, aunts to visit and create an account. I'll add an archive for all family members who create an account.



I've been looking for that special something to give that extra motivation, focus the mind, get over the downs and back on the ups. Dad had a bowtie, dont think I can wear a bowtie every day!

May have found it today, fancies!