I've been looking for that special something to give that extra motivation, focus the mind, get over the downs and back on the ups. Dad had a bowtie, dont think I can wear a bowtie every day!

May have found it today, fancies!

I spent the weekend at an event, Village at War at Stoke Breurne. This is on the canal just past MK and Brocks explorer unit were car parking last year. This year they needed more bodies so we roped in anomoulous and Merlin, our neighbouring units. Saturday was a nice day but hard work, didn't stop. sunday it rained, did it rain. This kept the punters at home and the powers that be decided to stop taking entrance money about two o clock.

Now came the job of breaking camp, and packing up, on the way back to camp I nipped into K&R Vintage, "affordable Style". (Yes that is a plug, it's Keith and Rosi's buisness).

I bought my first "fancy" and a turban. It took an awful long time and waht a sursprise, when i came out the large very wet canvas mess tent and all the kitchen stuff was safetley packed into the trailer ready to go!


What are fancies?

The mental faculty through which whims, visions, and fantasies are summoned up?

A capricious liking or inclination?

Amorous or romantic attachment?

None of the above?


None of the above!

maybe i'll take a picture of mine and put it one here? ( its that old bug time again) As I just said in my other post, the sun is shining, time to be outdoors.