Round Robin November

Hi Everyone

Our holiday in Cyprus was very enjoyable the hotel couldnt have been better plus we had great weather warm sunshine Clear blue seas and amazing sunsets.We did a little history which was intresting some swiming plus used the spa etc and did a lot of relaxation.I really enjoyed the food and we used the local buses to visit Pafos where we went to a castle and went on a boat trip visiting a ship wreck Also we visited the tombs of the kings (whats left of then).

One morning i woke early at Six am and went walking for a couple of hours along some cliff tops by the time i got back it was already starting to get very warm and One evening we walked up to a village which had at least Four bars or Pubs i guess you could call them.We flew out on my Birthday and i enjoyed my birthday breckfast in Wetherspoons at Gatwick at around 6.30 AM before our flight so got to spend my 39th birthday(Heeeee) in Two differant nations for the first time ever.

Back in the UK this week i have been clearing Gutters Yuk  Its colder here now that`s for sure.Well you know im starting to fill a little sleepy now so thats that`s going to be it for my first BLOG nite nite everyone